"The sound should blossom."

Miri Ben-Ari

Reading through my messages…so many good vibes. 

To you reading this: you’re talented with valid dreams. You’re enough. 

Today’s a new day, a fresh start. Smile wide and dream big.

Let’s go.

Anonymous asked:

My day went from 0 to 100 thanks to a scholarship I got ✌️

Congrat$ homie!

Anonymous asked:

What is it gonna take to win ur 💖 over?

Currently? Some pizza and a deep convo would be nice.

Anonymous asked:

I need to be more spontaneous tbh

Step 1: identify the issue - check

Step 2: choose a destination/action - pending

Step 3: go, go, go - !

Anonymous asked:

any phobias?

I’ve got a couple…

Anonymous asked:

I had my first kiss this weekend and there were literal fireworks all around us

^ !!!

Anonymous asked:

f*cking bombed an aural skills exam but i get to see sam smith perform tomorrow, so it's not so bad!

Have a blast! I can’t wait to catch him live!

Anonymous asked:

im officially a music major after a [very] successful audition @ Curtis!!

YO, congrats! :)!

Anonymous asked:

Soo is there a special someone in your life Ms. Ramos?

There’s a lot of special people in my life :)

Anonymous asked:


Real talk, let me know what you need help with! College apps can be a doozy.

Anonymous asked:

i aced my concertmaster chair test last week for my school philharmonic :-)

:)! Congrats!


my composition skills have gotten so much better in the past months